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Crispy Fried Chicken with Snack Layer

Crispy Fried Chicken with Snack Layer – As the food industry develops, many people are experimenting by combining various staple foods with snacks.

Crispy chicken is a variant of fried chicken with super crunchy coating spices and is able to make the taste of food more interesting and delicious.

However, if we usually find fried chicken with a thick layer of flour, apparently there are some crispy chickens that have unique coating ingredients, and some even consist of various snacks and snacks, such as the following five dishes.

1. Corn chips fried chicken

Corn chips are a snack that has a large number of enthusiasts, so the taste of this snack is often used for heavy food applications, one of which is fried chicken.

In making fried chicken corn chips, of course, this savory snack with a corn flavor sensation must be mashed so that it sticks perfectly as a coating on the meat to be cooked.

2. Chocolate coated fried chicken

Once in the spotlight, the combination of savory and sweet flavors from chocolate and fried chicken was considered odd, but not a few were interested in tasting this eccentric dish.

In processing this food, the chicken needs to be fried crisp with all-purpose seasoning flour, when it is cooked, then the meat is mixed evenly with the melted chocolate. How do you think it feels?

3. Cornflakes coated fried chicken

Cornflakes are one of the corn cereal choices that are suitable for a practical and filling breakfast menu. However, this food is often processed into unique preparations, be it sweet or salty dishes.

Especially for choice number two, you can use cornflakes crumbs as a layer of crispy chicken to make it look more attractive and enjoyable when eaten together.

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4. Potato chip crusted fried chicken

Potato chips are a popular snack around the world that are great to enjoy while relaxing, generally they have a crunchy texture and a delicious savory taste.

But who would have thought, the delicious potato chips can also be accompanied by fried chicken as a delicious and easy to find part of the coating.

5. Tortilla crusted fried chicken

Tortillas are one of the types of chips that are best served with a variety of sauces, but they are not only eaten as a snack, they can collaborate well to create crispy fried chicken skins.

Of course, the tortilla chips need to be crushed first with the smoothness you need, then add the marinated chicken and fry it until it’s done.