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Important Benefits of Cheese

Important Benefits of Cheese – Cheese is often a side dish. Many types of food or snacks that use cheese as a complementary or additional food. Such as pizza, bread, pasta and others. Cheese is made from milk. Cheese contains many nutrients in it. Here are the important benefits of eating cheese

Benefits of Eating Cheese for the Body

To know more details, let’s look together, what are the benefits of eating cheese regularly? Here are the benefits of eating cheese that you can get:

1. Increase good cholesterol levels
Compared to trans fats in packaged foods, naturally occurring saturated fats from foodstuffs, including those found in cheese as dairy products, are fats that are more beneficial to the body. Natural saturated fats will tend to provide benefits in the form of increasing levels of good cholesterol in the body, rather than trans fats which will actually reduce levels of good fats in the body. The benefits of eating cheese every day on a regular basis in the right portions will increase good cholesterol levels in the body. This is also evidenced by a study involving more than 130 adults who consumed cheese for more than 10 weeks, the result, the consumption of cheese does not necessarily cause the body to experience an increase in bad cholesterol in the body. The content of saturated fat in cheese is also considered healthy to meet the daily fat needs of children.

2. Helps control the hormone insulin in the body
The benefits of cheese are proven to be able to control insulin levels better, because of the fat content formed in the cheese fermentation process, namely trans palmitoleic acid. This is certainly very useful considering the hormone insulin is a hormone that regulates blood sugar levels in the body. If the insulin hormone is better controlled, insulin resistance can be suppressed better so that the risk of diabetes can be reduced. This condition has been proven by research conducted at the Harvard School of Public Health which states that cheese is a processed food ingredient from milk, which has natural substances that form fatty acids that are accurate in controlling insulin levels in the body.

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3. Good for dental health
Just like milk, the benefits of cheese for the body can help nourish bones and teeth, thanks to the nutritional content in cheese. However, regular eating cheese has been shown to protect teeth from decay better. This is because cheese contains anticariogenic properties, which will be effective in preventing cavities. This property is able to suppress the occurrence of cavities. So, the benefits of cheese are certainly very important for dental health.

4. Prevent cancer
One of the properties of cheese that is rarely known is that it can prevent cancer. Cheese contains conjugated linoleic acid and sphingolipids which play a very important function in cancer prevention. Cheese also contains B vitamins that maintain body functions and protect the body from disease.