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Meat Based Romanian Food

Meat Based Romanian Food – Rumanis is a country that is famous for its legend, namely Transylvania, not only famous for its Transylvanian legend, Romania is also famous for its delicious food.

In this country with thousands of cities in Bucharest, you use a lot of meat such as chicken, pork, and goat in its specialty dishes. Curious about what foods made from meat in Romania? Check out the following!

1. Mititei

Mititei means the little one. It is named so because of its small size and is easily found in various corners of the city of Bucharest as street food. Made from a combination of pork, goat and beef, mititei also uses spices such as garlic, thyme, fennel and pepper.

Mititei looks like a sausage served by grilling it first. Mititei was first created when a famous restaurant in Bucharest ran out of stock while still having a lot of customers.

2. Sarmale

This food is similar to Turkish sarma because it is believed to have originated in the Ottoman empire. Sarmale uses fillings such as rice, chunks of meat with paprika seasoning, tomato sauce, and ground paprika.

Then to wrap it using vegetables such as cabbage and a type of mustard greens. Sarma is usually served during major holidays in Romania.

3. Chiftele

Similar to meatballs, chiftele is made from mashed chicken or pork and mixed with mashed potatoes and breadcrumbs. For the seasoning itself, use garlic, onions and parsley.

Chiftele is fried until dry then served with mustard, mayonnaise, tomato, cheese, or radish

4. Piftie

Piftie is an aspic dish that uses meat such as chicken or pork, carrots, garlic and parsley that are simmered together. After boiling, the ingredients will be cut into small pieces and then put in the refrigerator until they are slightly frozen.

This food is often used as an appetizer during winter in Romania.

5. Frigarui

Frigarui is often referred to as the Romanian kebab. Using chicken that is marinated overnight and cut into cubes and then stuck on a skewer.

Usually also combined with vegetables such as tomatoes and mushrooms. After the ingredients are stabbed, then they are burned until cooked. Frigarui is often found as street food in Romania and eaten with garlic sauce.

6. Fasole cu carnati

Fasole cu carnati is often referred to as food for soldiers. This dish can use pork, sausage or bacon combined with beans.

Fasolecu carnati is a favorite meat stew that is often cooked on the December 1 national holiday to be distributed free of charge in Bucharest.

7. Ostropel

Ostropel is a dish that uses fried chicken thighs and is put in a tomato sauce that has been cooked with flour, garlic and pepper. Ostropel can also use other meats such as goat and rabbit.

Usually this dish is served with boiled potatoes or mamaliga, a type of boiled corn flour.