Tuesday, June 28

Reel Differences in Online Slot Gambling Games

Reel Differences in Online Slot Gambling Games – When searching for online slot gambling game machines as a player you can indeed find different types of reels in each machine. Currently on online casino gambling sites, you will see a rapid increase in 5 reel slot games. More often than not the 3 reel slot games you see also have bonus features or bonus games. With the rapid increase in popularity, many players we know today only play 5 reel games. This is especially true in Australia where almost all slots consist of 5 reel types.

Now that online slots finally have a great selection of 5 reels, we recommend on the site many of which have bonus rounds just like their land based counterparts. This is good news because you now have more options, and that’s always good. But are 5 reel slots a good bet compared to 3 reel games? Do you need to play max coins? Keep reading to find out about this and more.

Knowing Payout Percentage

Many players seem to think that because slot machines have 5 reels, it will be more difficult to hit a winning combination. This would be true if we still played the slot mechanic earlier but considering all slot machines now use RNG, it is not.

A 3 reel slot set to pay out 95% and a 5 reel slot set to pay 95% will end up paying EXACTLY the same percentage of return to the player. The number of reels makes no difference to this so in theory you could have 10 or 20 reels, if set to pay out 95% in the long run.

Hit Frequency

When you look at the pay table or the 5 reel slot, you will see that there are more winning combinations than in the 3 reel slot. It makes sense, in 5 reel slots there is usually a winning combination consisting of between 3 and 5 symbols.

This means that you may find yourself getting smaller payments on a more regular basis, rather than paying big occasionally. We’ve found that 5 reel slots tend to have a much higher hit frequency for the low to mid range payouts. Of course luck is still the main factor in winning at slots.

Should the Player Place the Maximum Bet

Often on 5 reel slots you can choose to play more than one credit per line. We recommend at least playing all the lines. This varies from slot to slot but is usually between 5 to 20 pay lines. The reason we don’t recommend max bets on these games is that you often find yourself betting large sums of money even on the low 5 cent denomination machines.

For example, let’s say we play a 20 line payout slot with a coin size of 5 cents. We can play a maximum of 5 coins per line. So if we play max bet it costs $5 per spin, not a small investment considering the slot is only a 5 cent game!

Continuing the example above. If we only played one coin per line, it would only cost us $1 per spin. Of course if you are playing progressives please check to see if the max bet is required – usually the case with progressives. For all other slots, we strongly recommend that you read the pay table before playing to make sure you qualify for all prizes that match less than max.