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The Food of Various Countries Is Made of Blood

The Food of Various Countries Is Made of Blood – Blood-based foods may be strange and terrible for some people, even many people are not aware of the existence of blood-based foods.

Maybe, for some people, consuming animal blood can be quite extreme. Apart from being considered unnatural or religious reasons, people are reluctant to process blood for food due to health reasons. Blood itself contains iron which, if consumed in excess amounts, can trigger hemochromatosis.

However, the tradition of eating blood has been around for a long time and in fact, most people in various parts of the world have special foods made from blood which are a special attraction for travelers. What’s the matter? If you are curious, let’s take a look at the following section.

1. Moronga

For those of you who love Korean food, you must be familiar with sundae, right? Well, for this one, there is a Latin American style blood sausage, namely moronga. As the name implies, moronga is a mixture of several ingredients, such as blood, butter, and several spices, which are put into the intestines of pigs.

There are various types of moronga recipes. In Mexico City, this blood sausage is commonly used as a taco filling along with chopped onions and coriander. It doesn’t look very appetizing, but many believe that moronga is good for anemia sufferers because it is high in minerals and iron.

2. Blodplättar

Actually, this one food comes from Finland, but blood pancakes are also popular in neighboring Sweden, so that created blodplättar. The ingredients for making it are not much different from ordinary pancakes. However, the blood here functions to unite the flour and milk dough like eggs, you know.

In addition, the addition of blood also makes the pancakes solid, dark in color, and tends to taste savory. That’s why Swedish people also often add spices or sweeteners to the dough. Besides that, blodplättar is also usually enjoyed with the addition of lingonberry jam.

3. Know blood

From Sweden, we move to China, which doesn’t want to be outdone by xuedoufu. The tradition of eating blood here itself started when there was a shortage of food. As a result, the slaughtered blood is not thrown away, but rather collected and converted into tofu.

This typical blood tofu of the Bamboo Curtain Country is generally served in the form of satai bales that are boiled in malatang soup. In Nanjing itself, duck blood is turned into soft tofu which can be eaten with a bowl of warm vermicelli.

4. Tiết canh

Our neighboring country, Vietnam, also has blood-based foods, you know. Tiết canh is a traditional Vietnamese soup made from duck, goose or pork blood. To make it, the blood of the animals will be mixed with fish sauce. After that, the mixture will be seasoned and topped with roasted meat and allowed to coagulate. As a result, the soup will solidify like pudding.

Tiết canh is usually eaten on certain special days, such as the Lunar New Year celebration. In addition, eating tiết canh will not be complete without the delicious sprinkling of peanuts.

5. Hematogen

Unlike food, hematogen is a kind of candy bar, like snickers, from Russia which was quite popular during the heyday of the Soviet Union. This candy bar is actually made from common ingredients: beet sugar, sweetened condensed milk, and sugar syrup. However, what makes it unique is that it contains at least five percent cow blood in each bar.

Considered an old age snack, hematogenous is still sold, although not as much as it used to be. Even though it tastes a little like iron, this hematogen is not an ordinary snack because it is also able to prevent anemia with its high iron content. Really interesting, huh?