Tuesday, June 28

Cactus Based Mexican Food

Cactus Based Mexican Food – Cactus is a plant that is very popular all over the world, this plant is different from other plants that really need water.

Who doesn’t know cactus plants? This plant has been known throughout the world through its unique physical characteristics and is able to live even in very dry places. This plant, which is included in the Cactaceae family, has its own uniqueness and is often found in desert areas around the world.

Cactus plants are also commonly found in Mexico because the geographical conditions of the northern part are mostly desert. No wonder the cactus is used by the Mexican people as an authentic local dish. Want to know anything? Come see the reviews below.

1. Huevos con nopales

Huevos con nopales is a typical food from Mexico that uses cactus or nopal as the base. True to its name, this dish is actually a cactus mixed with scrambled eggs.

So that making this food is also very easy, where the cactus must be diced and sauteed with onions and tomatoes and definitely eggs. This one dish is perfect for breakfast and is so delicious to eat with salsa sauce.

2. Ensalada de nopales

For those of you who are vegan and vegetarian, you can try a process called ensalada de nopales. As the name implies, this food is a salad made of cactus-based ingredients that have been cleaned and cut into long or diced ingredients. Generally, this salad will be mixed with tomato and onion slices and added with cheese toppings.

3. Tacos con nopales

Who doesn’t know tacos? This typical Mexican food has been so worldwide and widely known throughout the world. But the contents of tacos are indeed so diverse and don’t miss using cactus as one of the ingredients.

Of course, the cactus in the taco filling is often combined with meat, corn, avocado and added with a variety of special spices. In addition, eaten with tortillas will definitely make it taste even more delicious and authentic.

4. Carne con nopales

There are also beef based preparations, namely carne con nopales. This typical Mexican dish combines the deliciousness of beef and the freshness of sautéed cactus into one. Plus the sauteed onions, chilies and garlic make it taste even more savory and delicious.

This dish can be eaten with the addition of avocado topping and a splash of lime or lemon which will make it taste even more delicious.

5. Grilled nopales

Not to forget there are grilled nopales which are Mexican-style grilled cactus dishes. Different from others that have to cut the cactus into pieces, but in this dish the cleaned cactus is baked immediately.

Then this dish will be served like a steak and added with a spread of canola oil or sauce that makes it taste even more delicious.

6. Sopa de nopal

Apart from being served as dry food, cactus can also be served as processed soup. One of them is the Sopa de Nopal dish, which is a dish of vegetable soup made from cactus. Apart from cactus, Sopa de Nopal also uses other ingredients such as tomatillo, jalapeno, garlic, potatoes, and of course other additional seasonings.