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Easy Beef Dishes

Easy Beef Dishes – There are different types of beef, depending on the cut. Different cuts, different prices, as well as recommendations for cooking methods, in order to maximize the taste and texture of the type of meat itself.
Beef is a good source of animal protein for the body. With protein content (16-22%), fat (1.5-13%), minerals, and vitamins A and B in it, beef is a special source of animal protein. Especially compared to vegetable protein.
As a food source from animals, beef also contains essential amino acids that are complete, balanced, and easier to digest by the human body.

1.Semur Beef Soy Sauce

Semur is not only known as a home food with a sweet and savory taste. It turns out that the cooking process is also healthy. This beef stew recipe is cooked for a long time with traditional Indonesian spices that will absorb well into the protein. This style of cooking allows us to avoid using too much oil.

In order for the beef stew seasoning to absorb well, the selection of beef must also be right. Even though the beef has no fat in it, the spices are difficult to absorb optimally. I suggest you to choose the meat from the thigh or preferably the outside. In addition, the sirloin meat usually has a more delicious and juicy taste character.

After cooking the ground spices, add the beef so that all the flavors get to know each other and mix well. Add the other ingredients, cover the pan and cook on a low heat then wait. Thus we know that apart from the cooked meat, all the elements have now come together.

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2. Beef teriyaki

Beef teriyaki usually served in Japanese restaurants. There is nothing wrong if you try to make this menu at home. The main ingredient of beef teriyaki is sirloin beef. Sirloin itself is the outer beef or muscle part of the cow.

3. Beef soup

a bowl of beef soup certainly can’t be denied. The broth is refreshing in the mouth, warm in the stomach, and the pieces of meat are filling. The clear gravy beef soup that we serve is processed from ingredients and spices typical of the archipelago, which is known for its special taste. With its delicious and warm taste, you will be able to serve beef soup

4. sweet and sour beef,

Besides being simple, this menu is liked by all people, relatives, relatives to family.beef which is processed using lemon grass, tamarind, ginger, galangal, under white, and don’t forget soy sauce. This dish is usually served with rice

5. Rendang omela

When the meat that is cooked until tender meets the delicious spices of turmeric leaves, lime leaves, and bay leaves, you can imagine a dish rich in spices. Moreover, cooked together with Omela solution, no one can resist this luxurious dish. Rendang Omela tastes amazing, always makes every bite worth enjoying